Collaborators, friends, partner came together last 22th, September at Maltem Consulting Group’s headquarter for the inauguration of Aldinie Foundation.

Mandresy, Zazakely, Akamasoa, Zazakely Sambatra and Apaesic are associations that we have been supporting for several years now and they were all here to share their fight. A night full of truths, commitment and hope!

Thank you!

Relive this exceptional night through the Pascal Mennesson’s speech, President of the Aldinie Foundation.

“Today, when we talk about solidarity we often start to feel a certain unease. In fact, the civil society and religion taught us for a long time that solidarity and compassion were moral and ethical issues, a duty of doing well, an absolute duty to help others or almost an alienation of our free will.

 But finally why must I spend time, energy, and even worst money to support the misery of others while the modern society encourages the individualism applauding it, and proposes me the immediate satisfaction of all my desires and of my ego?

To solve this schizophrenic equation between what proposes the society and our inherited moral, we have taken into account a full factual and material observation, nearly as clear as a mathematical obviousness.

The global population is growing and is growing fast. Today we have to live together on our single Earth with 7 billion of inhabitants compared with only 1 billion 150 years ago.

The consequences of this violent growth of the global population are really large and are creating many issues around the sustainable development for the entire humanity.

Not so long ago, the highest experts of the United Nations met to define the 17 main objectives that we all need to solve in order to insure the prosperity and peace of humanity and also the sustainable preservation of our social and environmental ecosystems.

Within theses 17 main issues which concern all of us, there are the fight against hunger, poverty and inequalities, the access to education and health access, responsible consumption, preservation of biodiversity…

It is a huge and urgent project…

Today, it is no longer the problem of a few politicians or prominent intellectual people, who are expected to solve for us all this collective challenges. But, for some years now and thanks to digital tools, we, ordinary citizens, have become aware about these issues and that we can now be interconnected, exchange, be together to act at our own level.

So, will altruism become again the new fashion encouraged by the constraint of the survival of our species?

We seem to go in this direction and this awareness seems to become organized. At Maltem we have decided to move towards this direction, we have decided to act since 2004 now, for children, for this future generations, we must lead them the way, a way of commitment, of determination to improve and preserve our civilization to bravely face tomorrow’s issues, and to make a sustainable and intergenerational balance.

Unfortunately this world is our unique option and we have to live on with more and more people, 7 billion today and 10 billion in 2050.

And 2050 it is tomorrow!

Thus, we cannot live forever with our eyes closed cooped up in our ivory tower without goodness and commitment for people who are left behind because of our system or their destiny.

What we are realizing together, through this Foundation it is the continuity of a fight, a human fight and a fight of beliefs. What we are doing and what we will develop within the next year are not a concept. Nothing virtual in this! It is a commitment as close as possible to those who need.

The exceptional citizens that we have supported for many years now are devoting their lives at the service of others. There are fighters of another age, able to show energy, determination, humanism that meet some emblematic figures like Abbe Pierre and Mother Teresa.

Today, we are going to listen their testimony. You will probably be touched by their exceptional path, by their daily reality often hard, and by their unfailing determination to move things.

Thanks to this meet with Aldinie, who came from Madagascar in 2014, and to his presence among us during this 6 long months of fight against cancer, we become aware that children born under a star less indulgent than ours was not an image that we only watch on TV but a reality close to us.

We have become aware that these children are like ours and despite their destiny, they are daily fighting with a lot of dignity, bravery and hope to have the right, like us, of a fulfilling adult life and participate in the construction of a shared future so as not to be a burden.

So yes, in his memory, in the memory of Aldinie, this little boy coming from the jungle left too soon, who gave us a wonderful lesson of life, bravery and humility, we are going to fight along with Zazakely, Mandresy, Akamasoa and Apaesic and many others.

Thus, we count on you to help us to help them, personally or through your company or relations.

We want to thank the first partnership and support who have wanted to be involved with us in the human fight.

We cannot transform desert into oceans at once, it is creating small islets of solidarity and generosity that we will achieve.


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