As we have seen with Aldinie, Pascal and Jean Luc’s support is also reflected in Zazakely children serious medical cares.   Each year, Aldinie Foundation will finance surgeries or medical treatments for kids suffering from different diseases : clubfoots, cysts, cleft palate, hydrocephalus, encephalitis, etc. It is also common to repatriate patients to the capital, Antanarivo.

Raouldine is a young seven years malagasy. She is suffering from an autoimmune disease which disrupts her immune system and attacks her skin. She gives the impression to be completely burned. She urgently necessitates a chronic medical therapy.
Aldinie Foundation has decided to help her. Our teams have first organised a first stay in Antanarivo in order to make the whole diagnosis. We now need your support to take charge of the treatments.

Total costs 1 000 €

Pot estate*


*Consideration of your donation can last a couple of hours.

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